Privacy Policy


This privacy policy applies to the MEIJA’ website you are currently viewing (“ this Website ”) and informs you what information is collected and used, and where applicable, disclosed to third parites, on this Website. By visiting and / or using this Website, you consent to the data collection and use practices described in this policy.


1. The “ MEIJA Website Terms of Use” or “WTU” are incorporated by reference. The defined terms acronyms and abbreviations in WTU are used in this “ MEIJA Website Privacy Policy” (“ this Privacy Policy ”).


2. When you access and use this Website, or participate in any activities of

or on this Website, you may be required to provide personal data of yourself,

including your name, national identification details, date of birth, gender, email address, telephone and / or mobile phone number, shipping and mailing addresses, credit card number, bank account number, occupation and marital status.

3. Some of the data you are asked to provide to the Operator of this Website

is mandatory, which will be clearly indicated. If you choose not to provide the

data which is mandatory, you will not be able to access or use certain parts of this Website or the Operator’s services.

4. In addition, the Operator may obtain other data of you through or from

its independent surveyor(s), its agent(s) or service provider(s), public databases, data aggregators, who have in their possession through lawful means your data or personal data.


5. Your personal data may be collected and used by the Operator for the
following purposes:
(a) to respond to your searches or enquiries relating to certain Product;
(b) to fulfil any order placed by you and accepted by the Operator;
(c) to communicate with you regarding any of your order or request for
refund or replacement;
(d) to communicate with you regarding your access and/or use of this
(e) to provide customer service;
(f) to provide you personalised content or information of Product and other
services of the Operator;
(g) to enhance your user and shopping experience on this Website;
(h) to enable you to participate in any of the Operator’s loyalty programme;
(i) to prevent fraud or other unlawful activities; and
(j) to be used to assess and predict purchasers’ preferences and market
6. For the above purposes, the Operator may or may need to disclose your
personal data to its joint venture partners, business associate(s) or affiliate(s),
carrier(s), outsourcing service provider(s), advertising and/or marketing
agent(s), business consultant(s), IT consultant(s), audit consultant(s), and other independent consultant(s) or independent contractor(s), but only on a need-to-know basis.
7. Strictly for purposes of fulfilling the Operator’s other obligations under
the law and its corporate governance, or in compliance with any order of the Court or directions from any professional and/or government authority, your personal data may be disclosed to its accountants, auditors, legal advisers,
advocates and solicitors, professional bodies regulating the Operator’s business, any court of law and its proceedings, forum of adjudication of dispute(s) and its proceedings, and /or government authority.
8. Additionally, in the event the Operator undergoes a corporate exercise,
your personal data may be disclosed to parties involved in the corporate exercise, but the Operator shall ensure that the parties to whom your personal data is disclosed in such event agree to be bound by strict obligations to preserve the confidentiality of such data.


9. The Operator will be the “data user” of your personal data within the
meaning of Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
10. The Operator may engage 3 rd parties to process your personal data for the
purpose(s) stated in Clause 5 above. Such 3 rd parties are “data processor” within the meaning of Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
11. The Operator may disclose the class or other information of such data
processor(s) upon your private written request(s). Please note that any
information regarding such data processor(s) is confidential information
belonging to the Operator and / or the data processor(s) and you shall not
disclose to or share the information with any other person(s) or bodies without the express written consent of the Operator, which consent the Operator has the absolute right to refuse.


12. The Operator uses and stores your personal data in a controlled and
secured environment BUT the Operator does not warrant that the security
system it uses is impenetrable or error-free. The Operator therefore does not
guarantee that your personal data is fully secured.


13. You may choose not to receive any marketing materials from the
Operators, or from the options made available on this Website select your
preferred mode(s) of receiving such marketing materials.
14. In the event you choose not to receive any marketing materials from this
Website or the Operator, the Operator will not include or will cease to include you in its mailing list or notification list, of any of the marketing or promotional activities and materials of the Operator.
15. This Website contains links to third-party websites which are not under
the control of the Operator and the use of such websites are not governed by this Privacy Policy. The Operator hereby disclaims any liability relating to your
access and/or use of these third-party websites and their use or processing of your personal data.
16. If you decide to access or use such third-party websites, you shall
understand their terms of use including their privacy policy and cookies policy, and shall be solely responsible (to the exclusion of the Operator) for any claims, losses or damage arising out of such access or use.
17. The Operator does not use any cookies on this Website and does not place
any cookies on your browser. Please read the Operator’s Cookies Policy for
further information.


18. The data you provide to the Operator will be deleted within a reasonable
time after the Operator ensures that a Transaction with you and the
corresponding obligations are fully performed.
19. If you intend to:
(a) access your personal data which the Operator collects or has collected; or
(b) correct any of your personal data which is inaccurate, incomplete,
misleading or outdated; or
(c) withdraw the consent you hereby given for the Operator or its data
processor(s) to process your personal data please contact the Customer Service .
20. Please note that in the event you choose to withdraw your consent for the
Operator or its data processor(s) to process your personal data, the Operator may not be able to fulfill its obligations to you under any Transaction or arrangement in the duration and manner agreed or at all. Sufficient warning will be given to you of the same before you confirm your withdrawal of consent.


21. The Operator reserves the right to amend or update this Privacy Policy at
any time and from time to time.
22. The amended or updated Privacy Policy will take effect immediately upon
it being posted on this Website.
23. You are advised to check this privacy policy of this Website regularly in
order to apprise yourself of any amendments or updates effected.